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Furniture Consignment and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about creating good energy throughout your home. It’s actually more simplistic than people perceive it to be initially. If you want to create a calming atmosphere, Feng Shui is a good place to start. Here are some good tips for building Feng Shui:

Energy flow is key and nothing says that like the vibe you get when you go through the front door. You don’t want to tumble over a bunch of shoes or run into a piece of furniture. Keep an open space between your living room and kitchen area for the perfect separation of energy levels.

One thing you should always do is get rid of your clutter from old boxes, clothes, and other items that are simply unnecessary. Pretty much anything that means nothing to you should be your focal point of trashing. A clean and clutter-free home says you can alleviate your stress and that goes into other parts of your life.

Create a sound atmosphere for your home by changing your air filters, maybe humidifiers and good plants to bring in quality air. Placing your plants in a certain manner helps also with the flow of ki (energy). What you breathe internally affects your looks or your energy on the outside. You always want to inhale a certain level of cleanliness.

Colors are very powerful as well. What is your particular life element? If it’s water, subtle accents of blue, a great portrait or painting representing, or even a small waterfall based apparatus adds a lot to the character of your home. It shows your vitality. This also represents your prosperity as you add more natural properties to your home for liveliness.

Also, you want to adjust your furniture to specific points like east, west, north or south. It helps to direct your energy in a certain way. Feng Shui is a nice way to help bring your home into a more harmonious way of living. Find out what best works for you.